So after living in Taipei for 8 years, I finally managed to make it to Kaohsiung! Christine and I are down here to celebrate our 4 year anniversary, and so far things are great. We took the high speed rail down, and were very impressed with how comfortable the ride was. After checking into the hotel, we went out to hunt down Vivace Coffee Sandwich Shop – one of the recommended restaurants in Christine’s Kaohsiung guide book (yes, we are total tourists). Turns out the book was right on the money! Some amazing sandwiches there. We are now sitting in a Crown and Fancy coffee shop after checking out Kaohsiung’s version of Hsimen. More updates to follow!

[UPDATE] – Well it’s the start of the next day in Kaohsiung, but here’s what we did the day before.

As I was chiling at the Crown and Fancy, Christine was across the street shipping at Poya, a sort of makeup/pharmacy/clothing/etc store. She ended up getting a few very inexpensive hats, and as soon as I get a chance, I will upload them for all to see.

We went back to the hotel to rest before we were supposed to meet up with my good friends Paul and Sandy for dinner. They had scoped out this very authentic Spanish restaurant that was very highly recommended – even by our guide book! Dinner was at 6:30, and so we thought that leaving our room at 6:00 should give us plenty of time.

Turns out that because of the World Games, the traffic here was more atrocious than ever. Our 10 minute bus ride swiftly crossed the 40 minute mark, which meant that we were 30 minutes late for dinner (sorry, guys!). After apologizing profusely, we just enjoyed the good food and great conversation.

Dinner was very tasty, although the portions were not that big considering the prices. Still, lamb chops and sangria are rarely ever a bad idea, and the dessert was amazing as well.

After our meal, Sandy suggested that we head over to one of Kaohsiung’s most iconic landmarks – the Love River. It was a good time and I got some pretty good pictures to show for it. We walked until we broke quite a sweat, and then decided to grab some drinks and snacks at a local bar. We had more conversation and watched Christine fall asleep at the table before we decided to call it a night. Sandy drove us back to the hotel and let us begin our recovery process for Day 2.

So now we are off to brunch at the start of Day 2. Where are we going? Well, Vivace’s, of course! :)

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